Hi, I’m Corinn

I’m a qualified Integrated Counsellor based in Westham just outside Pevensey, East Sussex. I’m available for face to face sessions, walk and talk, online via Zoom or telephone sessions to anywhere in the UK. I offer a down to earth, friendly, welcome space where you can expect to be heard and understood. Using a variety of techniques I can help you make the changes you want in your life.

Grief & Bereavement

I have extensive experience of supporting people to come to terms with bereavement, having delivered bereavement support through Cruse Bereavement Care for many years. I also deliver online presentations for Cruse to help people understand bereavement and how to manage their loss. I am also in the process of creating a program offering groups support with their grief which will currently be run online.

Grief can be a very scary experience, so a big part of grieving is learning how to grieve in a healthy way. We can’t avoid the pain of grief, but we can manage the pain we are feeling. Throughout our life we experience grief is many different ways, such as moving house, ending a relationship or leaving a job. Whenever something significant comes to an end, we experience grief and if you’re struggling with why you’re feeling the way you are, perhaps you’re grieving.

Addiction Recovery Program

I worked for over 3 years for Change Grow Live (cgl) at a local community detox agency, as an Addictions Counsellor supporting clients reduce or abstain from drug or alcohol use. I was also involved in setting up the protocols as part of a research group for working online during the beginnings of the pandemic to enable addictions counselling to continue.

Everyone’s story of addiction is different and I support people in their recovery to understand the hidden reasons why they became addicted to their substance of choice. Shame and guilt fuel addictive behaviours. Counselling gives you awareness of how these emotions impact or encourage your relationship with your addiction. With this awareness you have the ability to end your addiction and create a better future for yourself.

Addiction can manifest in various ways not just alcohol or drugs. I provide counselling privately, for shopaholics, workaholics, people addicted to prescribed medication, gambling, amongst many others.

Frontline 19

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020 I have also been working with Frontline19, a charity set up to support frontline NHS workers affected by Covid-19. I feel passionate about being able to support the NHS and frontline workers, many of whom are having to experience things that they are not prepared for. I feel privileged to be able to provide my professional skills and emotional support .


Prior to gaining my qualifications I worked as a listening volunteer with Samaritans for over 5 years. Samaritans is recognised as a direct crisis helpline for suicide and self-harm however, I gained experience of complex issues such as drug and alcohol addiction, depression, anxiety, post natal depression, suicidal thoughts or behaviours, PTSD, complicated grief, childhood neglect and abuse or relationship abuse. Samaritans is a listening service and it was a difficult decision to end my time as a Samaritan but as a qualified counsellor, I wanted to be able to use all of my skills.

Continued Personal Development

I continue to develop my knowledge by engaging in a range of learning activities including attending workshops, webinars, undertaking additional qualifications and training days. This ensures I continue to add to my skills as a counsellor to be able to best support my clients.