Code of Ethics

I work to strict ethical principles set out towards best practice by the National Counselling Society. The fundamental principles of this code are:

  • Working towards the good of clients and doing no harm
  • Being trustworthy and responsible
  • Respect for the dignity and rights of the client
  • Justice
  • Integrity and self-responsibility

I provide a service to my clients solely in areas in which I am trained and competent to do so.

I ensure the premises where counselling takes place and all facilities offered to clients are suitable, appropriate for the service provided and respectful of the clients need for privacy.

During therapy, I will discuss with clients realistic outcomes and limitations of the service offered.

Confidentiality will be explained in the contract and during our first session. This will include any limitations on confidentiality required by law and for the purpose of supervision.

I respect the autonomy of my clients to choose whether or not to avail themselves, or continue to avail themselves of the service offered.

We shall agree in advance of any treatment/service: the fee levels, precise terms of payment and any charges which might be imposed for non-attendance or cancelled appointments.

We shall have a clear and transparent written contract, which does not use unreasonable terms or restrict the statutory rights of you, the client.

The National Counselling Society’s Code of Ethics is available on their website.

Clients have the right to make a complaint under the Society’s Complaints Procedure.