What are we telling ourselves

Dealing with anxiety and stress in our lives right now, as the government makes changes to the way we manage this pandemic, is a challenge to say the least. One important task we all need to be aware of is taking care of ourselves and our loved ones.

And it’s important to be aware of our responsibilities to ourselves as life isn’t just about trying to avoid Covid-19, it’s about finding meaning and purpose to our lives during this global pandemic and being proactive in managing our mental health.

We don’t fully understand what the changes brought about by being in lock-down are going to mean for us in the long term, or what the knock-on effect these actions will have on society as a whole. Therefore, trying to adjust to these new realities with such uncertainty has implications for our mental health, as our new way of living and the loss of loved ones is undoubtedly contributing to negative feelings…

Covid-19 is still here and whilst we appear to have gained some form of control over the rate at which it spreads, this worldwide pandemic continues to be a constant topic of conversation. With this realization, I wonder how being unable to avoid hearing the latest news is doing to our mental health and our need to feel safe? I feel the media is creating feelings of fear or panic, resulting in our survival mode is continuously on high alert.

This may seem impossible some days, but recognizing we need to have a method for coping with the difficult days is a good first step.

Being proactive in getting to understand what we need as individuals can help us to prepare for the days when we are feeling mentally low. When we tune into our mental health needs, we allow ourselves the space we need to take note of how we are feeling.

“Self-care is how you take your power back”
Lalah Delia

By allowing ourselves to do one small thing that gives us peace is all we need to remind ourselves that this is not permanent and we can find a way to be alright.